Caring for Your Products

The following recommendations are given as a guide for the Care and Cleaning of your doors and drawer-fronts.


PVC DOORS - Cleaning:

PVC doors can be kept looking like new but the proper cleaning material must be used. To clean PVC doors:



Methyl Hydrate (automotive windshield washer fluid).This cleaner is recommended.

Soap (non-abrasive) and water.

Denatured alcohol and water.

Do Not Use

Solvent based cleaning material such as lacquer thinners or any other product containing acetone. These solvents destroy the acrylic coating and the doors will fade when exposed to ultra violet rays.

Any abrasive rubbing material or cleaner.

Use of any cleaning agent other than those outlined above under "Use" will void the warranty.


Closeness to Self-Cleaning Ovens

Due to the extremely high temperatures vented from self-cleaning ovens, it is recommended that a filler be installed between an PVC door/drawer-front and a self-cleaning oven. Further the customer should be advised to open all doors and drawer-fronts near the oven when operating in self-cleaning mode.



Steam kettles should not be boiled directly under the cabinet doors as swelling may occur if moisture seeps into the material.


Normal Cleaning

Wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge, and a mild soap solution or liquid detergent. Heavy pressure is not required to remove normal surface deposits as this may cause a slight fading of the product. For hard-to-remove stains, some recommended cleaners are:


FORMICA Countertop Magic - spray

Formula 409 - liquid

Mr. Clean - liquid


Cleaners to Avoid

Abrasive cleaners (liquids or powders) should not be used on these products as they may, in time, mar the surface finish. The use of abrasive liquid or powdered cleansers (or steel wool pads) on these products will cancel the product warranty. Acid solutions, caustic solution (vinegar, ammonia, etc.) or wood preservatives (lemon oil, etc.) should also not be used to clean these products.



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