Your budget will be instrumental in assisting us to steer our renovation, direction and final result. A key part of budgeting is to create a list of all the items you “really want” and a list of items that “might be nice” to have. We will work closely with you to find an ideal balance.


Ideas / Design

This is the part where we will do a little creative thinking with your want list. Our design team brings years of experience in planning spaces. Our focus is to get the design and planning details perfect right from the beginning.  Our OutOfSpace© team handles every phase of the renovation process, from early computer assisted design, to the final drawings. Result: you don’t need to go elsewhere for anything.


Presentation and Estimates

We will come back to your home with the plans for your new renovation. We have the ability to edit and adjust your plans as required. This meeting usually results in a final overall plan, perhaps with a few adjustments along the way. Following the presentation we will work out estimate for the final cost.


Pre-Order and Site Meet

Start dates will be determined based on delivery of ordered materials and when they can be delivered. Selecting those is the priority for the client and our award-winning interior design team. Once the desired materials are en-route our installation team will visit your home to review the space.


Step 5: Site Prep and Construction

Our installation team takes steps to minimize the disruption in your home during the renovation. Each trades person will   clean their work area upon completion and routine cleaning is done throughout the project. Before you know it, it’ll be all complete!


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